In all jobs the first hour is free, with no further obligation. I’ll make general comments or suggestions for your document or edit a sample of it. If you’re interested in having more work done, I will then give an obligation-free quote.

Editing is usually divided into three stages: substantive editing, copy editing and proofreading.

Substantive (structural) editing means looking at the document as a whole to improve its structure and content considering its purpose and intended readership.

Copyediting means checking the document line by line to ensure that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct, the intended meaning is clear and the style and register (level of formality) are appropriate and consistent.

Proofreading means checking all details—for example, all parts of the document are present; there are no typographical errors; styles and formatting are consistent; pages, notes, references, tables and illustrations are correctly numbered, styled and captioned; the table of contents matches the document.

You can have any combination of these. Naturally substantive editing should come before copyediting, and copyediting should come before proofreading.