‘Enormous thanks to Geoff. His highly structural editing helped me focus precisely on my message and how to convey it best.’

Kevin McCready

‘Geoff provided not only a good editorial eye for the immediate context but held a broad overview of the whole document, allowing cross checks and editorial comments between widely separated sections of text. This breadth, combined with the depth of editorial insight, provided a very useful outcome.’

Ian Armstrong

‘I am grateful to Geoff for his careful and thoughtful editing of my PhD thesis in history. His suggestions were most helpful, both in terms of grammatical points and the overall structure and flow. He also made constructive comments on some of the arguments I was making and the evidence I used to support them. I would recommend Geoff to any higher degree student who would like someone to read their work with a fresh eye, and with close attention to  English language and grammatical structure.’

Joanna Boileau